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Announcement: After a decade of hosting this Website, my previous Web hosting service, Dryline Hosting, closed in May, 2016. Hence, I migrated my website to a new hosting service, 1&1 Hosting, which is now powering this site. The transition seems to have been seamless, but if you do find that any part of my Website will not load, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

I retired in 2006 after 29 years as a sociology professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. This Web page focuses on four of my main post-retirement activities: photography, the study and observation of weather, lecturing and writing on sociology and social issues, and skiing in New Mexico. More information on each of these activities may be found below:


Click the link above to see some of my recent photos. All of these and others are available for purchase, and some are or will be on display at various exhibits and art fairs in Colorado and New Mexico. Information on these events is regularly updated and is available by following the link above. The pages have been re-designed for easier navigation, too.

Weather Observation

Click the link above to learn more about some interesting weather phenomena I have observed recently. New storm reports have been added for April through October, 2012. Also included are chases from earlier years, such as 2011, when the reports include the Missouri Good Friday storm, three Arkansas tornadoes on May 25, and a 100 mph microburst in Hannibal, MO on June 9, with pictures and video. There area also winter storm reports from the last several winters.

Sociology and Social Issues

Click the link above to learn more about my sociological writings and my availability as a speaker on sociological and social issues. The 6th edition of textbook, Majority-Minority Relations and new 7th edition of Sociology, are now available! More info here

Skiing in New Mexico

Click the link above to learn more about skiing in New Mexico - a great retirement activity! Most of this section was updated in February or March, 2010.

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