Stormy Skies 2011
Storm Observation Highlights Video by John Farley

This more than one-hour video features:

* The Good Friday Storm that produced the St. Louis Lambert Airport tornado - includes video as seen on the National Geographic Channel!

* Three, and possibly four, Arkansas tornadoes on May 25 - The only storm chaser video of the Augusta and Greasy Corner, Arkansas tornadoes!

* The microburst that hit Hannibal, MO with 100 mph wind on June 9!

* Hailstorms, massive supercell thunderstorms, destructive windstorms, and close lightning strikes!

* More than 50 minutes of video and two photo montages, featuring every kind of wild weather!

View a short trailer (if your connection speed permits, view it fullscreen at 1080p):

Featured storms include:

April 19 tornadic supercell and hailstorms in Illinois. In this video segment, I track a massive tornadic supercell as it produces multiple tornadoes and giant hail from near Clarksville, MO to near Girard, IL. Unfortunately, a poor road choice cost me a good view of any of the tornadoes. However, in addition to some video of this supercell as it approached Hillview, IL, this segment also includes quite a bit of intense hail video, from Carlinville and Marine, IL and from along I-55, as violent storms sprang up all over central and southern Illinois.

The Good Friday (April 22) Storm that produced the St. Louis Lambert Airport EF-4 tornado. This video segment, part of which appeared on the National Geographic Channel program Witness: Tornado Swarm, tracks the massive Good Friday supercell as it moves from Holt's Summit, MO across the eastern half of MO and eventually into the St. Louis metropolitan area, producing softball-sized hail and, eventually, a series of tornadoes including the EF-4 monster that crossed the width of St. Louis County and on into Madison County, IL. Although, as with virtually all of the many chasers on this storm, I was prevented by road construction, darkness, and rain-wrapping from seeing the tornado, this segment does include the huge, ground-hugging wall cloud that preceded the tornado and accompanied the giant hail across the area north of Hermann, MO. And a clip of Reed Timmer's Dominator speeding by, as well.

May 12 Southwest Missouri Tornado-warned Supercell. This segment tracks my intercept of a long-track and repeatedly tornado-warned supercell as it produces a funnel cloud, ground-hugging wall clouds, and big hail as it moves across southwest Missouri from Stockton Lake to Lake of the Ozarks. Also some night-time video of a trailing squall line as it produces high wind in Lebanon, MO.

May 23 Bow-Echo Storm with High Wind and Hail, Union, Missouri. As I headed to Oklahoma and Arkansas for a multi-day chase trip, I encountered and got this video of an intense bow-echo storm as it moved through Union, MO, where it blew the roof off a building, downed numerous trees, and dropped hail. My video includes timelapse of the storm as it approached and video of the wind and hail at its most intense. As this storm continued on into the St. Louis area it produced widespread wind damage and a few injuries, and knocked out power to about 80,000 customers.

May 24 Oklahoma Tornadic Supercell - Storm that Produced the EF5 El Reno Tornado Although this long-track, high-precipitation tornadic supercell was between tornadoes when I intercepted it north of Stillwater, the fury of this storm that earlier produced an EF-5 tornado near El Reno is still very evident in my video of the rain-wrapped mesocyclone of the storm as it approached, and the intense wet-RFD wind that hit Hallett, OK as the meso pased to the northwest of that town.

May 25 Tornadoes in Arkansas. This was my best chase day of the season, as I saw at least three and possibly four tornadoes. And they are all in this video segment! This segment begins with the approach of the first of several tornado-warned supercells, with gradient wind so strong it spun up whirlwinds that looked like gustnadoes. Then another tornado-warned supercell approaches, produces nicely backlit lowerings to my west, cycles, and then produces a small tornado just a half-mile to my east, a few miles southeast of Augusta, AR. Although the tornado formed as I was moving, I quickly stopped and got my camera on it! Then it was a race to the east and south to intercept my third supercell of the day! I get there in time to catch video of the formation and entire lifetime of a multiple-vortex tornado near Greasy Corner, AR. Minutes later, and in the same area, I catch a funnel cloud and possible second tornado along with lots of blowing dust from an occluding meso behind the one that produced the initial tornado - I had to get out of the way of this one in a hurry, but got great video of it! And finally, while behind the storm and really just heading to I-55 to return home, I get a surprise - I see a power flash and catch yet another tornado on video, as an EF-1 tornado forms in West Memphis, AR from the same storm that caused the tornado or tornadoes near Greasy Corner. Although other chasers also got video of the West Memphis tornado, this video is the only video I am aware of that shows either the Augusta or Greasy Corner tornadoes!

May 28 Elevated Supercell that Produced Giant Hail in Illinois. This short video segment shows the approach of an elevated supercell that produced a long track of large hail from north of Jerseyville eastward though the Hillsboro area. In some areas, the hail was as large as 4.5 inches in diameter.

June 9 - Long Track Supercell with Giant Hail, Possible Funnel Cloud, and 100 mph Microburst in Northern Missouri This is as good as storm chase video ever gets on a storm that does not produce a tornado! I manage to get in front of a big supercell near Shelbina, MO, shortly after it drops baseball hail that caused $100,000 in damage in Macon County, MO. From there, I stay ahead of the supercell as it produces a possible funnel cloud southwest of Hannibal and eventually get perfect position east of Hannibal to video the beautifully backlit storm as it intensifies and produces destructive 100 mph microburst winds on the south side of Hannibal.

June 17 Southwest Illinois Bow Echo Storm, with Lots of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Lightning, and lots of it, along with high wind and flooding rain, are the main features of this video segment featuring a severe bow-echo storm as it moves across Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois.

Opening and Closing Photo Montages With All of the Above Storms and Many Others, Along with Spectacular Winter Weather, Spring Skyscape, and New Mexico Wildfire Photos The video opens with a fast-paced photo and video montage, similar to the trailer linked above, featuring lots of wild weather pictures and short video highlights. The video ends with a longer, slower-paced photo montage of the most spectacular pictures I took this year of winter weather, spring storms, summer wildfires, and beautiful clouds, storms, sunsets, and rainbows.

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