Weather Observation

by John E. Farley

Since 1996, I have taken to the road to observe and document severe weather events, across a wide variety of locations in the Midwest, Plains, and West. Reports of my observations beginning in 2007 and continuing to this year appear below. Reports and photographic documentation of the storms I observed from 1996 through 2006 can be found here.

Keep in mind that observing storms can be dangerous, and it should not be attempted until after one has taken the time to learn how to do it safely, and to learn as much as possible about severe weather. An excellent resource for learning about storm observation can be found here. I recommend particular attention to the FAQ and the "About Storm Chasing" links.

My Stormy Skies 2015 Weather Calendar is now available! Details and ordering info here.

My severe weather observation highlights video, Stormy Skies 2012-13: Wild Weather for All Seasons,
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In light of recent problems associated with storm chasing and severe weather observation, I have written an essay entitled Some Thoughts on the Current State of Severe Weather Observation, and a Plea to Observe Safely. If you are new to storm observation, considering taking it up, or concerned or curious about its current state, PLEASE read this essay.

The Stormy Skies Photo Galleries are now ready for viewing. See photos of funnel clouds, hail, lightning, rainbows, shelf clouds, supercells, tornadoes, wall clouds, and winter weather. You can now access the best of my storm photography in one place!

Note: These galleries are best viewed with a reasonably fast internet connection. Also - prints of all of the pictures in the gallery are available for purchase. If you see one you would like to buy or would like more information on purchasing any of these photos, please email me.

Severe Weather Observations

Observations of Severe Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena:









Winter Weather Observations

Observations of Major Winter Storms and Interesting Weather Phenomena:










Other photos I have taken, many of them weather-themed, can be seen here.

Severe Weather Video

Video of some severe weather that I have observed can be seen here.

Click here for information on Chasercon, the National Storm Chaser Convention

See pictures from the 2008 National Storm Chaser Convention here


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