Stormy Skies 2012-2013

Wild Weather for All Seasons

This 90-minute Storm Observation Video Features:

The entire lifecycle, from wall cloud to ropeout, of the Rozel, KS EF-4 tornado on May 18, 2013, and the earlier Kinsley, KS funnel cloud

Spectacular winter thunderstorms with graupel (snow pellets), cloud-to-ground lightning, and heavy thundersnow

A May 30, 2013 Oklahoma supercell that rotated for hours

August 10 Archuleta County, CO hailstorm

Two June 17, 2013 Colorado supercells Gustnadoes, 70+ mph wind, and dust devils interacting with the supercell inflow

Rain-wrapped tornado and menacing nighttime Oklahoma supercell on May 29, 2013

June 18 Colorado storms with gustnadoes and violent microbursts, and dust devils, too

Opening photo/video montage and closing Stormy Skies Photo Montage, highlighting two years of wild weather in eight states

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Detailed information on the storms featured on the video can be seen here. A trailer for the video will become available as time permits. However, the video itself has been completed and is available for order now in both DVD and Blu-Ray format.

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